Monday, November 9, 2009

Year Sumary 2009

Reflection task: State clearly and succinctly one or two main concepts you learnt from.

  • Quality learner (term 1)
  • Sustainability (term 2)
  • Entrepreneur (term 3)

Term 1 Quality learner:

Part of our term topic we did the traits of a quality learner (SEE LINK)
Another part of our topic was on metacognition and thinking about thinking.
We also did some learning on Plato, Aristotle and Socrates who were great philosophers.

Term 2 Sustainability:

We learnt about the effects of what we did in our communites and how it affected our enviroment.We also learnt how it would altimatly affect us as people from the story of stuff. (SEE LINK) We also created a island that we would start from scratch on and only use sustainable resources.

Term 3 Entrepreneur

We learnt about how to start and run a business and about supply and demand. We also learnt about famous innovators and inventors.

Term 4

Now it's term 4 and we have started a narrative writing segment (SEE LINK)
We have also startd athaletics in sport. This will be my last term at Fairfield intermediate because next year I will be progressing to Hamilton Boys High. I will miss this school but will keep blogging on my progress in school.

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